We have been fairly fortunate so far this fall, with minimum rainfall, but the forecast ahead—and because we live in British Columbia—is calling for rain. All of the colourful leaves are starting to fall from the trees, often ending up in places near your drains. With the combination of fallen leaves and rain water, this is when you can expect clogging of your drain tiles.

Fall is the perfect time to schedule a camera inspection of your drainage system, in order to prep for the upcoming rainfall ahead and know the health of your drains.

A camera inspection is a smart idea because it prevents small issues that could be forming, from becoming big problems. The process is quick and efficient, and allows plumbing professionals—like us—to see the state of your drain tile. Wouldn’t you rather know the state of your drainage system, than be worried about it until something unforeseen happens?

The purpose of a camera inspection is to extend the life of your system, and prevent emergency situations that cost a great deal of money to repair. We aim to save you money by knowing about potential problems and fixing them BEFORE they occur.

Having a camera inspection allows us to see if your drains are clear, clogged, broken or cracked. Blockages or debris can be seen with our closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras—and, we could discover structural damage due to root growth and/or land settling (hopefully this is never the case). Hiring us for the inspection allows us to tell you if there is any damage to your drainage system or the potential for future problems.

Get in touch with the experts at JJ’s Plumbing and be proactive this fall. Email us at service@jjs.plumbing or call 604-479-2232.