As we approach the spring season, we look forward to warmer weather and brighter, longer days (though let’s face it, we live in British Columbia, and rain happens year-round). The approaching warmer weather and spring showers may lead to wetter and more saturated ground, which can in turn cause flooding to your property—and basement.

A basic task to take care of at your home is cleaning your gutters and downspouts from leaves, dirt and other debris that have accumulated from fall and winter seasons. While your gutter system is important to clean at this time, perhaps even more significant is having your drains professionally cleaned.

Why is having your drains cleaned important?

Having your drains cleaned ensures that water is being carried away from your home. If your home drain is draining slowly and a camera inspection determines a fully blocked or partially blocked drain, then we will take the next steps to unclog your drain.

There are two ways that we can clear and/or maintain your drains.

  • Using a power auger or cable machine (i.e. snaking a clogged drain). If your pipes are fully blocked, a power auger or cable machine is used first. This is followed with the Hydro Flushing machine.

  • Using a Hydro Flushing machine (i.e. hydro jetting). If your pipes are not fully blocked, a Hydro Flushing machine will be used to restore the drain line back to full health.

Get your home as prepared as possible for the spring season ahead. JJ’s Plumbing takes care of drain camera inspections, snaking a clogged drain and hydro jetting.

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