We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: drain cleaning in fall is a perfect time to take the required steps to prevent clogging of your drains. It is critical to maintain your drain tiles by properly cleaning them every 12 to 18 months. The fall and winter seasons lead to more debris to potentially clog your drains, such as leaves and dirt. If you do not properly maintain your drain tile system, water from your water table may work its way into your house and begin to flood your basement or crawl space, causing damage to drywall, flooring, furniture, electronics, and so on.

What are the steps to take action so future damage does not happen? Let us share:

  1. Have a drain camera inspection

JJ’s Plumbing will schedule a drain camera inspection in order to discover the state of your home’s drain tile. The process is quick and efficient. We do this to prevent emergency situations that cost a great deal of money to repair and get to the bottom of the smaller problem, before it becomes a BIG problem. This also tells us what your next step is for drain cleaning.

  1. Maintain or clear your drain tiles

There are two ways that we can clear and/or maintain your drains. One is by a power auger or cable machine (i.e. snaking a clogged drain). After the camera inspection, if we learn that your pipes are fully blocked, a power auger or cable machine is used first. Then we use the Hydro Flushing machine (i.e. hydro jetting). However, if we learn that your pipes are not fully blocked, we do not have to use a power auger or cable machine, and directly use hydro jetting to restore the drain line back to full health.


Learn more about drain cleaning on the website.

Are you ready to do the smart thing and have your drains cleaned this fall? Drain cleaning is currently on special until October 31, 2019. Get in touch with us at service@jjs.plumbing, 604-479-2232 or fill out our online form.