When it comes to plumbing issues, people often face problems that are difficult to ignore. While some appear simpler to resolve, others may require urgent plumbing services. For most people, it is usually challenging to figure out whether their situation requires an emergency plumber or not.

Down below, we have broken down some common signs that can help you identify whether you are facing a simple plumbing problem or a plumbing emergency.

1. You Have No Water

If you turn on the tap and get absolutely no running water, you may have a plumbing emergency

To identify the source of the problem, you should first check in with your neighbours to see if they are facing the same issue. If that is the case, there may be a problem with your main supply line. Alternatively, you could have a broken pipe or valve malfunction in your plumbing system. 

Nonetheless, you should contact an emergency plumber to detect and resolve the problem at your earliest.

2. There is a Funky Smell

If you suddenly begin to notice a foul smell in your home, there is a good chance that you require emergency plumbing services. There are many factors that can cause a sewage-like smell in your house. 

At times, funky smells can be indicative of clogged toilets. Other times, poorly ventilated drainpipes and rain backups in your sewage system can cause problems in your plumbing system. 

As bad smells can make it unbearable to stay indoors, you should call a plumber as soon as possible.

3. Pipes are Frozen

In normal circumstances, there is no reason to worry about frozen pipes in your plumbing system. However, on extremely cold days, your plumbing pipes can freeze and burst. In that case, water can leak in large quantities, causing severe damage to the surrounding areas.

To get your plumbing system back in order, you will need an emergency plumber to replace or repair the damaged pipes. You can also hire plumbing services to insulate your pipes for further protection.

4. Sewer Line is Clogged 

If you see wastewater backing up in your toilet, you likely have a clogged sewer line. 

While minor clogs can be easily fixed at home, you could have a bigger problem that is difficult to tackle on your own. If you notice an overflow problem in your toilet, you should contact an emergency plumber as soon as possible. 

An experienced plumber can help you figure out if there is a problem in your plumbing system or the whole sewer line.

5. Fixtures are Leaking

If you suddenly begin to notice water stains on your walls, you might have a plumbing emergency. If water starts collecting around your toilet, shower, or sink, there is a chance that your faucets are leaking.

While some leaking issues can be easily resolved by tightening taps, others could indicate much bigger problems. 

Sometimes, excessive dripping occurs due to incorrectly installed pipes or other damages to your plumbing system. If you ignore this issue, you may end up with more extensive damages such as mould growth which can be harmful to your health. Therefore, if your fixtures are leaking, you should contact a professional plumbing service to investigate the problem.

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