Which Types of Air Conditioning Are Best for Your Home?

Knowing which type of air conditioner will suit the needs of your home may seem like a simple issue, but in many cases people end up choosing a cooling system that costs them more money than they first expected. In order to avoid unnecessarily high energy and repair costs in the future, it is a good idea to become familiar with the different types of air conditioning systems before making a final decision on what to install in your home.

Window Mounted Units

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to keep a single room in your house cool, the window mounted A/C unit is an ideal choice. The unit is self-contained and is available in a number of different sizes designed to fit in most windows, with some units as small as 14”. They can also be mounted on the wall should you decide to cut out a hole leading to the outside of your home, but the real convenience of this unit is the ease with which it can be moved from room to room and mounted in a window.

Portable Units

Another convenient option for cooling a single room in your home is the portable A/C unit. Like the window mounted unit, the portable unit’s components are all self-contained. The portable unit gets its name due to the fact that, unlike the window mounted air conditioner, the unit can be moved around a room to any desired area, as long as the air duct attached to the unit that moves the hot air outside remains connected to a window or outdoor vent.

Ductless or Split Units

These units are often seen in apartments and hotels due to the fact that they are compact and more efficient than a window mounted or portable unit in a larger space. Like the name says, these units do not require an air duct system to distribute cool air throughout your home. They are similar to a central air system in some respects however, since the unit is split into two components located inside and outside. The indoor component contains a fan and evaporator coil to move cool air in and hot air out. The outdoor component, connected by refrigeration tubes, contains the compressor and condenser fan.

Central Air Units

This is probably the best option for cooling an entire house. Central air systems consist of two main components; the compressor located outside your home, and the evaporative unit which is usually connected to the same air duct system as your furnace. If you decide this type of air conditioner is right for your home, it is important to remember to choose a unit that is adequate enough to cool your entire home as efficiently as possible without costing you too much on your energy bill.

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