We had a record-breaking dry and high temperature summer in BC. With hot temperatures and dry conditions, tree roots seek out any water they can get, increasing the chance of them finding their way into drain tile systems. Now, as fall has arrived, you need to prepare for the expected weather condition of… you guessed it, RAIN.

Right now is the perfect time to schedule a drain inspection for your home. We know what you’re thinking: “Another added expense for just an inspection? But what if everything is A-Okay down there? Isn’t that a waste of time and money?” Let us provide you with some reassurance of why a camera inspection is a smart idea.

A camera inspection from plumbing professionals is a great idea because it prevents small issues that could be forming, from becoming large problems. Not to mention the process is quick and efficient. Inspecting your sewer and drainage system allows us to see the state of the drain tile. Wouldn’t you rather know the state of your drainage system, than be worried about it until something unforeseen happens?

The reasoning for a camera inspection is to extend the life of your system, and be able to prevent emergency situations that cost a great deal of money to repair. We aim to save you money by knowing about potential problems and fixing them BEFORE they occur.

What We Look for During a Drain Inspection

A camera inspection of your drainage system allows us to see if your drains are clear, clogged, broken or cracked. Build-up of blockages or debris can be seen with our closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras—or worse, we could discover structural damage due to root growth and/or land settling. The inspection permits us to see if there is any damage and potential of future problems.

Get in touch with the experts at JJ’s Plumbing to ensure that your drainage system is going to do its job during the fall, winter and spring seasons (or in other words, the rainy and wet seasons in our province).

Book your inspection today to ensure you are taken care of. Call 604-479-2232, email service@jjs.plumbing or fill in our online form.