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PolyB Is the Smaller Grey Pipe to the Left

If you own a home that was built between the 70s and 90s, you’ve probably heard about PolyB, or Polybutylene piping, and the leaking and insurance nightmares that go along with it. Poly-B is a type of grey pipe used in home plumbing and water heating systems in North America that rose to popularity as an alternative to copper piping. It took decades — and millions of dollars in lawsuits — before the pipes went out of use in the 90s over safety and performance concerns.

Although all pipes can and will fail and leak eventually, PolyB pipes are believed to leak at abnormal rates, and can cause nightmares for homeowners when it comes to mould, mildew, and insurance. Not all pipes will leak, however, and risk factors for PolyB pipes include connection failures, chlorine levels, poor installation, and proximity to heat sources. Many US failures have to do with piping being in attics, where it is heated excessively in the Southern sun. Far fewer incidents have been reported in Canada, although coverage by CBC Marketplace hints that the problem might be bigger than many think.

Fortunately, there are many things you can do if you face problems with the pipes in your home, or wish to have them replaced before they become an issue. Contact us, your Vancouver and Naniamo Poly B Replacement Experts, to get a quote on the best way to safeguard or replace your PolyB pipes before they become a headache!

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