Summer is finally here—and this season is a great time to take care of specific plumbing services for your house.

The following are plumbing services that are currently on special until August 31, 2020, and should be on your radar for the upkeep of your home.

Poly B Pipe Replacement

Poly B piping, or Polybutylene piping, was installed in many homes throughout the late 1970s to mid-90s. Home insurance industries, like BCAA, are making changes to insurance policies related to this type of plumbing in homes.

Insurance companies are seeing an increase to the number and cost of water damage claims—and the insurance industry is increasing the deductible for these claims. Poly B has the probability of failure, causing issues like leaks, mold, hairline cracks, in-home flooding, poor water quality (irregular water pressures and chemical sensitivities, like chlorine and mineral levels), loose fittings (poor installment by plumbers), and more.

You should replace your piping altogether. By doing this, you will end up saving thousands of dollars, and ensure that a small problem does not turn into a large and stressful one.

Trenchless Water Main Pull

Have you noticed things like a mushy or soggy lawn, a damp basement, or water seeping through cracks in the foundation of your house? These are signs like your water main may need to be replaced. We suggest going trenchless.

A trenchless water main pull requires zero—NO—digging, which means your front lawn will remain in-tact. This is a huge bonus for going trenchless, and also saves you money.

Kitchen or Bathroom Renovation

A renovation can feel overwhelming and like a huge undertaking. Cost, disruption of schedule, and design decisions will be factors in how, when, and to what shape your renovation will take.

We will work with you to map out each step, schedule, fees, and address any anticipated challenges so you can approach the project with a sense of excitement, instead of anxiety and added stress. It’s time to get the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams!

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