Spring has definitely sprung! While it’s a good time for spring cleaning of your home—like going through old clothes, de-cluttering and cleaning things around the house like windows and baseboards—part of this process can be taking on plumbing tasks!

See our four plumbing tips that can save you money this spring-time.

  1. Find water leaks. Make sure your faucets aren’t leaking. If you find one that is, hire a trusted plumbing company to fix it. While it may seem easy to repair yourself, there are a number of different faucet types out there, so you could end up doing more damage than what you started with. Finding a leak early will save you money by fixing the problem while it’s still a small one, and also will eliminate any wasted water.
  2. Check that your inside drains are draining properly. This is a good time to do a proper cleaning of your drains. Check out our YouTube tutorial on do-it-yourself drain cleaning. This preventative maintenance can save you money in the long-run by avoiding drainage problems in the future.
  3. Check out your outdoor drains, gutters and downspouts. The fall and winter months can lead to debris that can clog your outside drainage system. Clean out your gutters and downspouts. Drainage is a very important aspect of owning your home, and doing proper maintenance and repairs can save you costly plumbing bills in the future. It is important to properly maintain your drain tiles by cleaning them out every 12-18 months, to avoid such problems as blockages from debris, or worse structural damage due to root growth or land settling. Learn more.
  4. Look at outdoor spigots or faucets for leaks. Check out your outdoor spigots and/or faucets, and make sure the water flows properly and that there is not a slow leak when turned off. Call your local plumber if you notice any leaks. This could lead to damage of your property, and also is bad for the environment with unnecessary water waste.


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