Recent Bathroom Renovation: You Can Trust JJ’s Plumbing for the Job

Are you desperately wanting to update or fully renovate your bathroom, but don’t know how to get started, and are unsure of how to choose the right company for the job? Do you worry about hiring someone and being left out of the process, ending up with a bathroom that you are unhappy with? Did you know that JJ’s Plumbing takes care of bathroom and kitchen renovations? Well we do! And we believe that a renovation project is successful when it is inclusive of the homeowner and there is regular communication throughout the entire project. Another perk in working with us is that we are plumbing experts, so you know that what goes on behind the walls has the same high-quality finishing as what is shown on the surface.

Recently, we worked with new clients in the Tri-Cities on a complete bathroom renovation. They wanted a modern bathroom, and also wanted to add a free-standing bathtub. We communicated with them every step of the way, and the end result was just what they wished for.

Was it an improvement? How did it turn out? We’ll let you decide by taking a look at the photos.

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