We’ve definitely started to notice the temperature shift this season (though, it might not quite look like this snowy photo yet)! Before it gets too cold with freezing temperatures, it’s a good idea to take action and prepare your plumbing for the winter months. When water freezes and becomes ice, it expands. This causes pressure within pipes which may lead to significant damage, and therefore, increased and unexpected cost to repair, which could have been avoided.

Here are some ways to prepare your plumbing this winter:

Hose bibs:

  • Check all hose bibs and other fixtures for leaks.
  • If you find any drips or leaks, replace fixture. You may want to purchase a freeze-proof hose bib, as they are made to keep the water well back away from the end of the spigot.
  • Drain your outdoor faucets if you have a hose bib that is not freeze-proof (not necessary if you have a freeze-proof hose bib).
  • Purchase a hose bib cover – even if you have a freeze-proof hose bib. They are made of thick foam and keep most of the cold away from the valve.

Check out more tips on keeping your drains clear, as well as the signs to look for in regards to frozen pipes: https://jjs.plumbing/winterizing-your-plumbing-system-and-signs-of-frozen-pipes.

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