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Polybutylene (PB) had flooded the plumbing industry for new construction homes all over the greater British Columbia area from Burnaby to Port Coquitlam, Richmond to Vancouver, Surrey to Langley from 1978-1995 and was even still being used up as late as 1998. PB was CHEAP, light and easy to install, saving home owners up to 40% on material and labor costs. It was supposed to be the future of plumbing and was supposed to make things easier all around for plumbers and home owners. Little did we all know that 10 years later we would start to see the real nightmares of PB as PB everywhere was starting to fail and causing tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage, from pinhole leaks, to popping off at the fittings to all out burst waterlines. There have been many issue’s starting with the material used to make PB is extremely sensitive to chemicals that fortify municipal water supplies. Chlorine in particular began to erode PB piping and fittings, this coupled with the 80PSI max threshold for waterline pressure has led to many floods in residential homes. Another very common issue was that copper rings were used with plastic fittings (as shown in pic) and on the hot water side when water was hot the copper and waterline would expand and contract as it cooled off, yet the plastic fittings would not. Over time this expansion and contraction of the copper rings would become so loose on the fitting that the pressure of the waterlines would pop the fitting from the waterlines causing a flood in the home.

What Should I Be Looking Out For?

Two of the most important things to do while budgeting for a waterline replacement are to make sure that your PRV (pressure regulating valve,) is changed out no more then every 8 years at most! PRV’s tend to become faulty after this timeline and your water pressure will jump from between 50-70PSI (recommended between 50-55PSI for PB houses) upwards of 120PSI (normal city pressure.) If your PRV becomes faulty and your house hold pressure exceeds 80PSI your waterlines are a ticking time bomb!

The second most important thing to do is to contact your home insurance provider and make sure that your house is covered. Most insurance providers these days are implementing that houses with PB are either not covered or have up to a $10,000 deductible, basically making your insurance null and void, causing more grief to homeowners that are unaware of these new restrictions within their insurance policies.

What Does Poly B Look Like?

PB waterlines are typically grey in color and homeowners should be able to identify them most noticeably at your main water shut off, hot water tank connections as well as toilet and sink water shut off connections. If you find that you have PB waterlines in your home, especially if your home is older then 15 years, call JJ’s custom plumbing right away, you could be sitting on an expensive insurance claim!

What Are The Risks Of Having Poly B?

Some of the most common risks associated with PB waterlines are flooding, increased insurance premiums, cancelled insurance coverage and insane deductibles, as well as mold infestations caused by undetected pinhole leaks within waterlines covered by drywall.

These risks extend beyond damage to your home. More and more mortgage lenders are refusing to lend $ for properties with PB waterlines, meaning it can be very hard to sell homes with this form of piping. Normally real estate agents leave it up to buyers and sellers to negotiate terms of PB replacement, so if you are planning to sell, we would recommend looking into this first!

PB pipe failure has been a nightmare for MANY homeowners through out the lower mainland. Don’t let PB failures cost you THOUSANDS of dollars in property damage, or worse destroy your items with sentimental value that CAN NOT be replaced. Instead be proactive and save yourself the headache! Call JJ’s to come out and take a look and give you the best advice possible. Whether it is for a complete re-pipe or helping you to prolong the lifespan of your PB while you begin to budget for a re-pipe, JJ’s is here to help you prevent water damage to your most prized prized possessions that you have worked hard to attain!

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After a disturbing main sewer pipe @ my residence I wanted to insure the clog I removed was the only problem waiting in the pipe. The city could not locate the sewer clean out and left it up to me. I started making internet searches to find someone to perform this service.Every one was $500+. JJ was on time, performed the job professionally, and in a timely fashion. His bill was fair.I don’t mind paying someone for their expertise. But the router world guys were far overpriced. Should I require plumbing help again I will not hesitate to contact Justin. Thanks again.

MurrayLangley Home OwnerHomeStars Review

Two days after we took possession of our new home we had a leak at the kitchen sink, it was a Friday afternoon when I started to look for a plumber over the Home Stars web site and based on the reviews we decided to call three companies. Two of them were very busy and were not able to make room for us during the weekend, Justin from JJ Custom Plumbing said over the phone that he could be able to come Saturday check the leak and see if he can repair it or should make some temporary fix and finish during the next week. He came Saturday made the temporary fix and get back next week to finish it. We were very pleased with his willingness to do the job right and at the least possible cost, this lead us to ask for a quote to replace all poly B pipes in our home. We had other quotes for this poly B replacement, they were not the cheapest but also not the highest but based on our nice experience with them we decided do it with them. We were amazed with the professional job they did, Justin brought his partner Zack and both help us to go through this complicated process very easily. I read a lot about the poly B problems, the insurance companies were not willing to insure if we do not replace poly B but we were lucky to find Zack and Justin they are truly poly B experts they did an amazing job always worried to replace pipes in a very cleaver ways to avoid opening to much wall and always worried about being able to keep using the services while they were working. We absolutely recommend this team, they are the best plumbing professionals with the right rates for a truly professional job. They are helping us right now with other small projects. Thanks Zack and Justin

EveradoCoquitlam Home OwnerHomeStars Review

These plumbers are great – they were very efficient with a variety of small jobs , including clearing out plugged drains. The plumber gave me some great advice about our garburetor and went out of his way to source parts for our sink. Highly recommend!

ElissaVancouver Home OwnerHomeStars Review

Wow. more than expected! Answered first ring. Email confirmation of my apt right after phone call. On-time super nice guys. unfortunately it was bad news as there were roots in my sewer. but they gave me several options as I didn’t have a lot of money. Compared to the big sewer drainage companies this was a much better way to go. They completed all the work fully. Also came back later on that night to install and silicone the toilet for free. Offered that I call him anytime to discuss plumbing problems.All in all exceeded my expectations. Absolutely a very good experience that helped me through a stressful time. Sincerely Marty

Marty CarewCoquitlam Home OwnerGoogle Review

Had to replace a broken garburator, Got a response and a detailed quote over the web in a few hours, explaining all the options for the work. Had the appointment booked that day for the first time we could both be available.

Showed up on time,  did the work speedily and thoroughly, cleaned up an gave me the reasonable bill.

Highly recommend this plumber.

Great work.

Greg HNew Westminster Home OwnerYelp Review