Many people believe that noise coming out of drains is normal; however, it is not. Noisy drains are one of the most common plumbing issues that households face. While a few drainage issues can be resolved at home, others need professional plumbing services.

A properly functioning plumbing system should be silent. Let us walk you through the common noises that drain pipes make, and along the way provide a few solutions that will help you get a quieter environment at home.

1) Whistling Bathroom Pipes:

High-pitched “whistling” sounds are very common, and may come from drain pipes, showerheads, and other bathroom or kitchen appliances. You’ll likely hear it when the water is running.

As to why this sound occurs, it can usually be blamed on the buildup of minerals or sediments within the pipes. These deposits force water to pass through less space, and as a result, generate a “whistle.” It’s therefore important to regularly clean bathroom pipes to avoid any blockages.

On the other hand, if you’ve cleaned the pipes and still hear whistling, the issue might lie in other bathroom components. In that case, contact a professional plumbing repair service company. A skilled plumber will inspect and diagnose the core plumbing issue.

2) Gurgling Drain Pipes:

“Gurgling” noises are another common sound that a drainage system might make. The reason behind this can be a clogged drain line. If you hear a single drain gurgling, it’s likely that one alone is blocked. If the noise comes from different areas, however, the main sewer drain line itself could be clogged.

Despite hearing drain lines gurgle, it’s common for people to continue using the bathroom fixture daily. This only leads to more accumulation of toilet paper, sediments, rust, women’s hygiene products, and residue buildups, causing an enlarged blockage.

Most people choose to ignore the gurgling and think of it as a minor issue, but it’s not! It is important to immediately get in touch with a trusted company for its plumbing services. Any delays can lead to major drain problems.

3) Clanging (Water Hammer):

If you hear clanging, the problem usually relates to pipes having too high a water pressure. “Water hammer,” as it’s known, occurs when a pressure surge is forced to a stop, jolting pipes and producing a “clang” as soon as you turn off the tap.

High water pressure can cause dislocation of the pipes. To fix this problem, you will need a professional plumbing repair contractor who can inspect, diagnose, and solve the problem.

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