With your plumbing equalling an average of 15% of the value of your home, your drainage system should be one of the first priorities. It is crucial to maintain your drain tiles by properly cleaning them every 12 to 18 months.

Our last blog post informed you of why having a camera inspection of your drain tiles was beneficial, before having your drains cleaned. The goal is to extend the life of your system, and be able to prevent emergency situations that cost a great deal of money to repair. We aim to save you money by knowing about potential problems and fixing them before they occur. But what’s next? What happens after a camera inspection?

There are two ways that we can clear and/or maintain your drains:

  1. A power auger or cable machine (i.e. snaking a clogged drain). If your pipes are fully blocked, a power auger or cable machine is used first. This is followed with the Hydro Flushing machine.
  2. A Hydro Flushing machine (i.e. hydro jetting). If your pipes are not fully blocked, a Hydro Flushing machine will be used to restore the drain line back to full health.

Here are a couple of real life examples with two of JJ’s Plumbing’s customers.

Customer #1

A customer wanted a camera inspection on her drain tiles. We did a full inspection of her entire surrounding pipes. We noticed that leaves, dirt and pine needles were gathering around her property where they fell from the gutters and roof, therefore increasing the chance of clogging her drains by going into the drain system with rain water.

We started the camera inspection and found a few points of concern with debris starting to form. The perimeter drains ran from one side of the house to the other, and eventually drained into the city piping. After going through with the camera inspection, and looking at what type of piping the customer had, and where the problem spots were, we were able to make a plan for cleaning them. We decided on using the hydro jetting as the customer had PVC piping for most of her piping. We flushed out the pipes by starting at the sump and shooting high power water through the system, therefore clearing out all of the debris within the pipe.

Customer #2

We just recently completed a job where we hydro jetted the lines — however, we did not perform a camera inspection. We had recommended one to the customer, as we always do, but the customer did not want to pay for the additional service.

All of the lines ran smoothly after we performed the hydro jetting, and we tested the lines for an hour — there were no back ups.

After we had completed our service, the customer ended up having her roof and gutters cleaned out, and then noticed problems with her drainage again. We performed a camera inspection, and learned about a soccer ball, as well as the pine needles that had gathered. They both clogged her drains, so we performed the hydro jetting again, removing the debris — and the ball! Amazing what you can learn from a camera inspection.

Soccer ball and pine needles inside the piping, being viewed by camera inspection.

Freed soccer ball!


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