Finding the source of plumbing leaks in your home can be tricky, but our plumbers at JJ’s Plumbing can give you some tips to get started and make the process a bit easier. Below are the steps necessary to find a leak in your home in the most simple, effective manner possible.


The first step of the leak detection process is to confirm the leak. Identify sources of moisture and then move appliances out of the way to look for the source. If this fails, turn off all of your faucets, appliances and fixtures in your home that use water and then note where the needle is pointing on your water meter. Leave everything off for approximately eight hours – if the needle has moved, this means the leak is somewhere in your plumbing system.

Bathrooms and Kitchens

Check all of the cabinet doors beneath your sinks and take a good look at the joints and at the bottom of the P trap to check for moisture. One of the biggest signs of leaking pipes is corrosion on the fittings of supply lines and valves. Other signs include water stains, dampness, mold and mildew. Try tightening all of the fittings in the area and see if it fixes the leak.


Examine all exposed pipes in your basement or crawlspace and take note of any corrosion or moisture around them. Rotting wood, mildew and mold around these pipes are a strong indication that the leak is in the area. Although water tends to travel downward and water stains don’t often end up around the leaking pipe, they can still be a good indicator of moisture and could lead you to your leak.

Although leaks might seem harmless, over time they can really put a dent in your plumbing and subject your home to nasty water damage. For Vancouver, Maple Ridge or Coquitlam residents that follow the above tips and still can’t find the leak source, give our plumbers a call at 1-604-479-2232 and our staff at JJ’s Plumbing will be happy to help you.