There are plenty of plumbers on the market and choosing the best for the price range that you’re looking for can be tough. Luckily, there are numerous ways to narrow down your choices using the Internet and our Vancouver experts at JJ’s Plumbing have outlined some of these methods below.


Always ask for a quote – whether in-person or through pictures – and compare it with other plumbing companies to get a better idea of the average pricing for your job. Although picture quoting might not be as accurate as in-person quotes, they can still be an effective way of singling out the companies that are clearly overcharging for their work.


Plumbers that put pressure on you to invest in certain types of plumbing services should be avoided at all costs. This is an especially common scare tactic used against elderly people in order to get as much money as they can out of them for services that they don’t really need.


All plumbers should guarantee the work they conduct, including parts, but some still don’t. This is an easy way to avoid a bad plumbing job – simply avoid those that refuse to provide warranties as this reflects a lack of confidence in their work.


Although not all provinces require plumbers to hold a license, the majority of them do and this certification is a great way to separate the good from the bad. It cannot be said that having a license ensures good plumbing ability, but it’s definitely an effective way to narrow down your options and, when combined with experience and feedback, is a good sign of a reliable company.

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