The summer and fall months are great times to focus on home improvements. Due to the drier weather, we recommend starting with projects that are more challenging to tackle in the late fall and winter, when it is cold and wet outside.

It also is a great time to take on projects that would be beneficial to have complete before the busy months of winter arrive, such as December and January.

Below are 3 home improvement projects to consider this summer and fall.

Trenchless water main replacement:

Replacing your water main is something you should consider, especially if your house is older. Perhaps you’ve seen some signs that it should be done, such as a mushy lawn, a damp basement, or water seeping through cracks in the foundation surrounding your home. If you think you’re in need of a water main replacement, but are concerned about the time it takes, the mess it makes, and how much it’s going to cost, then the JJ’s Plumbing experts are who you should get in touch with.

Our plumbers are licensed and fully certified, not to mention our customer service is second to none. We’re here to talk through the situation together and answer any questions you may have about the process before getting started. A trenchless water main pull requires zero—NO—digging, which means your front lawn will remain in-tact. This is a huge bonus for going trenchless, and also saves you money.

Learn more about this service that is great to tackle in the dryer weather of summer and early fall.

Home renovations:

While renovations can be taken on any time of the year, summer and fall is a great time, so that your renos are complete leading up to the busy time of winter, when events like Christmas and New Year’s occur.

JJ’s Plumbing has worked with many great clients to help them create beautiful bathrooms, kitchens, and more—while keeping their wallets happy! Our team of experts partners with contractors that we trust in order to ensure your renovation project is done on time, within budget, and with the least amount of hassle and stress as possible.

Learn more about renovating your home with JJ’s Plumbing.

Poly B Replacement:

Does your home have Poly B piping? Polybutylene or ‘Poly B’ as many call it, is common in most homes from 1978 to1995 because it was inexpensive to buy and install. But over time, it deteriorates and is likely to cause flooding in the home if not inspected or replaced.

The many common risks associated with Poly B waterlines are flooding, increased insurance premiums, cancelled insurance coverage and insane deductibles, as well as mold infestations caused by undetected pinhole leaks within waterlines covered by drywall. The insurance industry has also recently increased the deductible for water damage claims caused by Poly B piping.

These risks extend beyond damage to your home. More and more mortgage lenders are refusing to lend money for properties with Poly B waterlines, meaning it can be very hard to sell homes with this form of piping. Normally, real estate agents leave it up to buyers and sellers to negotiate terms of Poly B replacement, so if you are planning to sell, we would recommend looking into this first.

Learn more about replacing your Poly B piping.



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