Have you noticed signs around your home that your water main may need to be replaced? Perhaps signs like a mushy or soggy lawn, a damp basement, or water seeping through cracks in the foundation of your house. You may be concerned about many factors in replacing your water main, such as having to dig up your lawn, the inconvenience and time it takes, and of course the cost.

This is where we suggest going trenchless! That’s right, having a trenchless water main replacement is an option, and we would like to set your mind at ease with this service.

What does going trenchless mean?

A trenchless water main pull requires zero—NO—digging, which means your front lawn will remain in-tact. This is a huge bonus for going trenchless, and also saves you money.

What are the benefits?

  • No digging required – your front yard will stay in-tact.
  • Cost savings – less expensive compared to digging to replace the water main.
  • Time savings – JJ’s Plumbing experts not only do the job right, but remain on schedule and aim to get your property back to normal as quickly as possible.

What are the steps of a trenchless water main pull? Visit our web page on trenchless water main replacements to see a step-by-step guide in going trenchless: jjs.plumbing/trenchless-water-main.

Keep your lawn looking sharp this spring and upcoming summer. Learn more about a trenchless watermain replacement. This service is currently on special.

Have more questions about trenchless water main pulls? Email JJ’s Plumbing at service@jjs.plumbing or call 604-479-2232.