Did you know there are a number of programs available through FortisBC to help you save on your energy costs? Whether it’s a rebate or a loan, we’ve broken down some of the best ways you can make your home more energy efficient while keeping cash in your pocket.

FortisBC Rebate Programs

Water Heater Program

If your water heater is ready to be replaced, look for a qualifying natural gas ENERGY STAR model. Not only will you save on energy costs, you’ll be eligible for a rebate of up to $500.

Switch ‘n Shrink

You could qualify for a $1,000 rebate when you install a natural gas ENERGY STAR® high-efficiency heating system. Add an ENERGY STAR water heater and you could receive up to an additional $1,000 rebate.

Energy Star Clothes Washer Rebate

Ready to replace your aging washing machine? Buy a qualifying ENERGY STAR® washing machine and you’ll receive a $75 rebate—on top of the savings you’ll get for using a more efficient model.

LiveSmart BC Efficiency Incentive Program

The Efficiency Incentive Program is continuing until March 31, 2014. Rebates up to $1,200 are available for air sealing, ventilation, insulation, and more. Contact FortisBC or BC Hydro to see if you qualify!

FortisBC Loans

Do you want to make your home more energy efficient, but need a little help to take the extra steps? FortisBC is offering up to a $10,000 loan to make your home more energy efficient. This program can help defer the initial costs of upgrading your furnace or baseboard heaters, adding insulation or replacing your hot water tank.

FortisBC also has a number of other programs available to help new and existing homeowners. Check them out here, or give us a call to help you learn how you can save!

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