Drain Cleaning

What is the best solution for a clogged bathtub or sink drain?

If a drain does become clogged, do not use drain-o, other chemically corrosive or harmful “drain cleaners.” Instead try using a plunger, if the drain is still blocked contact us for further assistance.

What is the proper way to plunge a bathtub drain?

First you want to take out the drain plug, look at it and see if you can see what’s blocking it. In bathtubs, often a build up of hair and scuzzy soap scum can actually close up a drain. If you see hair you can try pulling it out with a coat hanger or needle nose pliers or use a drain claw. If that does not work than you will want to plunge it with a plunger, Start by Putting enough water in the bathtub or sink to cover the bottom of the plunger, block the overflow outlet with a rag, put the plunger over the drain, and push down and up five or six times.

I have a clogged toilet, what should I do?

Give the water level 10 minutes or so to drop, then attack the problem with a plunger.

I am plagued with slow draining pipes and repetitive clogs, what can I do?

In this situation it may be time to consider cleaning your drain and vent lines with a jetter/hydroscrubber. Over time soap scum and debris can cause blockages similar to clogged arteries. By using a hydroscrubber to clean the inner walls of the drain and vent lines and to remove all the old soap scum and debris and fully open the drain and vent lines back to original form.

Can I clean my own sewer or drain?

You can attempt it, however there are some major risks to consider before attempting to clear your own drains. Most importantly if not handled correctly the large cable machine can snag loose clothing or even gloves and break an arm or leg, so use with extreme caution! Another risk if not done correctly is having the cable head break the pipe and begin digging into the ground getting stuck and unable to retrieve without digging up the drain line.

How often should I clean or get my drains cleaned or maintained?

It is important to properly maintain your drain tiles by cleaning them out every 12-18 months, to avoid such problems as blockages from debris, or worse structural damage due to root growth or land settling.

How do I know if my drain is blocked?

If drains begin to drain slow or worse not draining at all.

What do I do if my outside sewer is blocked?

Give us a call to inspect the drain lines with a camera and attempt to clear the blockage with a cable machine.

What preventative measures can I take to maintain my sewer or drains health and prevent expensive repairs?

We always recommend using baking soda and vinegar once a month followed by boiling hot water to prevent soap scum and debris build ups. DIY Videos

General Plumbing Questions

What is that white substance that builds up on my shower head and what can I do about it?

This is buildup of mineral deposits. When the water evaporates, it leaves these mineral deposits behind, and they can cause quite a buildup over time. The best way to clean this off is to soak your shower head in vinegar or consider having a water softening system installed in your home.

My toilet fills up every 10 minutes. What is the problem?

Either the fill valve or water control diaphragm, (flapper,) have become faulty and need replacing.

I have poor water pressure at my kitchen sink faucet.

More then likely some debris has made its way into the supply lines or mixing valve of the faucet. Attempt a reverse flush. DIY Videos

What causes rattling pipes?

Improper install, typically either the pipes are not properly clipped to secure them, or there isn’t a proper alpha clip on the pipes while they cross through wood studs or joyces.