Here’s a scenario: Bob has noticed the land around his house has become more soggy/marshy than usual. Betty, Bob’s wife, is sure to point this out to him. It’s been raining heavy the last few weeks though, so he doesn’t think much of it. He doesn’t want to add to his already full plate, and he doesn’t want to spend unnecessary money that he doesn’t have on something that probably is just fine. The next day, the rain stops, and it doesn’t rain for a week. The land dries out and things seem to be okay. Betty, asks him to pull out the Christmas lights from the crawlspace. Bob goes into his crawlspace and to his horror, the crawlspace is damp, with noticeable water leaks, and mold is starting to grow on some of Betty and his items being stored there. Bob is in for a discussion with Betty that he really does not want to have. The damage is huge, and mega dollars are going to be spent on fixing things.

With your plumbing equalling an average of 15% of the value of your home, your drainage system should be one of the first priorities and should not be ignored. It is important to maintain your drain tiles by properly cleaning them every 12 to 18 months.

JJ’s Plumbing will first determine what service/method is best with a camera inspection inside your drain line. There are two ways that we can clear and/or maintain your drains (also see illustration):

  1. A power auger or cable machine. If your pipes are fully blocked, a power auger or cable machine is used first. This is followed with the Hydro Flushing machine.
  2. A Hydro Flushing machine. If your pipes are not fully blocked, a Hydro Flushing machine will be used to restore the drain line back to full health.

Don’t put it off before it’s too late. Learn more about drain tile maintenance on the website or email us at

snaking-a-clogged-drain hydro-jetting-a-clogged-drain