A blocked outside drain has the chance of creating a disaster for you as a homeowner, if you are not on top of your drain cleaning and maintenance.

You should plan for maintaining your drain tiles by properly cleaning them every 12 to 18 months. Doing so can lead to major cost savings down the road. Fun fact: your plumbing equals an average of 15% of the value of your home! For this reason alone, don’t let your drainage system slip to the bottom of your home priority list.

Dirt, leaves and heavy rainfall (which often occurs in Greater Vancouver, as you know!) can be too much for the outside drains to take. An exterior drain pipe can crack or break, as well as get root infested. If this happens, the chances of flooding increase to your property. This can lead to damage that will be much more expensive to fix after the fact, than if you had your drains properly maintained and cleaned beforehand.

We aren’t trying to scare you—we promise! Instead, we are trying to show you that flooding and damage to your home because of a blocked drain is easily preventable. A blocked or clogged outside drain is something that can easily be fixed if you get on top of the situation. And that’s what our plumbing experts are here to support you with.

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