One of the most frustrating things about winter is having home water pipes freeze over. Whether it be a pipe coming from your laundry or a sink in your house, located under the kitchen or living room, frozen pipes can make life extremely difficult! Read on to discover four tips to help you avoid “the big freeze” and costly damage to your home investment.


Why Winterizing Your Faucets Is Important

Winterizing faucets is critical when it comes to keeping pipes from becoming frozen. When this happens, faucet leaks can create an ice dam in your basement or drainpipe, causing water damage in your home. To prevent this problem all you need to do is winterize your faucets before the coldest season of the year rolls around. 


Ways You Can Protect Your Faucets 

A frozen tap is a source of unnecessary stress, wasted money for replacements, and the disruption of not being able to turn the water on for days at a time. Here’s how to prevent that from happening.


Tip #1  Install a Freeze-Proof Faucet

Most freeze-proof faucets are thermostatic, meaning they can sense the temperature in the water pipe and shut off the flow of water if the temperature reaches the point where the pipe will freeze. When the water turns back on, it flows more slowly, preventing the pipe from freezing.


Tip #2  Drain Out Residual Water

If you leave taps turned on for too long during winter, they can freeze. You must drain out any excess water from your faucet to avoid freezing. If the valve is leaking, it may expand and crack, which could cause water damage to your plumbing system.


Tip #3  Install an Outdoor Faucet Protector

In cold climates, installing a faucet protector is necessary on any outdoor faucets. Without a protector, water could freeze and expand in the handle, causing leaks. Upon shutting off the flow of water to your faucet, you want to make sure there isn’t any water left behind. A protector cover should be placed over the faucet to prevent water from freezing and increasing pressure within the line.


Tip #4  Add Antifreeze to Pipes

Anti-freeze is a commonly used liquid to prevent freezing in pipes and water faucets. It should be added right at the beginning of the cold season so it can be effective, particularly if the weather is especially cool or damp. To add antifreeze, you should use a funnel or non-metal container so that there’s no chance of damaging pipes, appliances, or other components. Along with proper extraction methods, these chemicals will also inhibit any rusting that can occur in pipes that freeze.


Be Proactive

Winter can seem like an endless season of ice, leaks and frozen pipes. So preventing the underlying issue before it becomes an emergency, can help you save money and stress in the long run. Preventions are always better than cures. To stop leaks, arrange an expert plumbing service that includes the winterization of water pipes. Don’t wait until the cold weather arrives. Call JJ’s Plumbing on 1-604-479-2232 or send us a message to receive a free, non-obligatory quote.

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Bathroom Renovations

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house and a well designed bathroom can be practically invaluable.

Bathroom renovations are a great way to turn a worn and outdated space into a highlight in your home. It’s a good idea to leave existing plumbing or electricals in place if you can. A licensed plumbing contractor will be able to advise you if your current system has limitations which may impact the plumbing project. For more information see new home plumbing and home renovation plumbers.

Waterproofers should also be consulted, as waterproofing is crucial to prevent mould build-up and water damaging the structural elements of your home.

Before you begin renovations, see if you can keep any existing fittings. Also keep in mind that you can resurface, rather than replace, the bath or tiles that are in good condition but look a little dated or tired.

Bathroom styles encompass retreat, minimalist, high-tech, utilitarian and colonial. The colour scheme in a bathroom can be an important choice and if you are after a classic look that will always remain in style, consider using neutral colours or whites. Accents can always be added through the use of colourful accessories such as towels, bathmats and ornaments.

If you have a smaller bathroom, you can easily make it look larger through clever use of larger tiles, mirrors to reflect spaces in the room, and tiling from floor to ceiling. Heating is also a consideration, especially in the colder winter months and your options include underfloor heating, heated towel rails, and heating lights.

Water efficiency is becoming a consideration in most areas of Canada now and water efficient fittings such as dual flush toilets and water saving taps and showerheads will save water and means that you’ll be paying significantly less on your water bill.

Kitchen Renovations

The kitchen is also one of the most important rooms in the house so it is vital that it is well-planned and the plan is well-executed.

Kitchen renovations can be rather complex, but it’s important to take the time to get things right in your design. Decide if the kitchen will be used primarily for feeding the family or if entertaining guests will be a significant factor. When entertaining, consider how many people will be expected as this will influence how much storage and working space you will need.

Take the time to identify the existing trouble spots. Be specific as this is your chance to improve the kitchen’s functionality. Any kitchen, no matter what style it is, should have ample working and storage space, good lighting, reliable appliances and heaps of power points. Ensure that your new kitchen will maximize storage space wherever possible.

The most important thing within any kitchen is the work triangle. The work triangle is simply the triangle made up by the sink, the cook top and the refrigerator. The distance between these three elements should be no more than ten metres, and should ideally be around seven.

There are many types of kitchens that you can choose to install but the common types are U-shaped, L-shaped, single-line, galley and the island kitchen. Common materials that are used in the kitchen include timber, stainless steel, stone, tiles, laminate, granite, marble and glass. Why not take advantage of these materials to create a look that is uniquely you?

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