Do you have any New Year’s resolutions this year? This month, we’re sharing some plumbing resolutions that are easy to achieve in 2019.

JJ’s Plumbing’s 4 home improvement resolutions:

  1. Renovate or update your bathroom or kitchen! It’s easy with our support.

What are you waiting for? You’ve been wanting to upgrade your kitchen and/or bathroom for years. Give us a call, and let’s talk about remodelling to improve your house and finally enjoy socializing in your kitchen with family and friends. Or get that gorgeous bath tub you’ve always dreamed about soaking in! See more of our projects:

  1. Do-it-yourself preventative drain cleaning!

Make it a routine to clean your drains! How? It’s simple. All you need is: ¼ cup of baking soda; ¾ cup of vinegar; and boiling water. Pour the baking soda and vinegar down your kitchen sink drain. It will form a chemical reaction, and break down any soap scum, food, and other substances that stick inside your pipes. Now, boil your water. This will give the baking soda and vinegar some time to break down the substances. After about 10-15 minutes, pour the water down the drain! This will help melt all the grease, and send it along the way. Check out the D-I-Y video if you want to see for yourself:

  1. Replace your Poly-B pipes!

Polybutylene, otherwise known as ‘Poly­B’, is most common in homes from the late 70s to mid 90s and was used because it was inexpensive to buy and install. As time goes on, Poly-B deteriorates and can leak and cause flooding in the home if not replaced. JJ’s Plumbing has you covered! Learn more about replacing Poly-B:

  1. Clean your drainage system

Both fall and winter seasons lead to more debris, like leaves and dirt, to potentially clog drains. It is crucial to maintain your drain tiles by properly cleaning them every 12 to 18 months. Read more blog articles about drain cleaning:

Now for more good news! These services are on special until April 30, 2019. So don’t hold back. Email us at, or call us at 604-479-2232 to get started.

See our specials:

The holiday season is upon us. And while there may not be enough time to completely renovate or remodel your kitchen or bathroom before having guests over for Christmas, it’s the perfect time to set a goal for tackling the project this new year.

JJ’s Plumbing has worked with many great clients to help them create beautiful bathrooms, kitchens, and more — while keeping their wallets happy! Our team of experts partners with contractors that we trust in order to ensure your renovation project is done on time, within budget, and with the least amount of hassle and stress as possible.

The kitchen is a place where guests always ‘hang out’ in, no matter how inviting you make your living room or dining room. Company likes to spend time in the kitchen, so why not make your kitchen something to be proud of and enjoy spending time in with friends and family.

Like it or not, the bathroom is space that you also spend a great deal of time in. It’s also a room that homeowners want to look clean and modern for guests to use.

Having a remodeled kitchen and/or bathroom is something you won’t regret doing. And if you’re also thinking about selling your house in the near future, a renovated bathroom and kitchen can be argued to automatically add value to your home.

Check out examples of renovation projects we have been involved with from our photo gallery:

It’s time to reach out and start planning for the kitchen or bathroom you’ve always dreamed of. Learn more at, send us an email at, or call us directly at 604-479-2232.

Whether you have wanted to update your home kitchen for years, or you are ready to put your house on the market and increase the value of it before selling, JJ’s Plumbing is here to support you every step of the way through your individual renovation journey.

Our experts have worked with many great clients to help them create beautiful, dream kitchens, while keeping their wallets happy! We collaborate with and work alongside trusted and reliable contractors, such as Way West Construction, to ensure a seamless process for all renovation projects.

Kitchen (and bathroom) renos are the most common renovations in the Greater Vancouver area. Why? These rooms can become dated quickly, and are also high-traffic areas in the house. Think about it: where do most of your guests hang out when you are hosting? Often it is in the kitchen — no matter how hard you try to get them to socialize in the living room!

When looking at renovation trends, new kitchen designs are frequently a hot topic in home design magazines and online publications—often on the front cover—making it impossible not to compare with your existing kitchen, especially if a reno has been on your mind. And, most importantly, you want to feel good about a space in your home that your family and friends spend a great deal of time in together.

From updating your appliances and kitchen sink/faucet, to changing the functionality of your kitchen by introducing a practical island or making it more of an open concept, these changes can significantly affect the way you feel about your home — in a positive way.

See just some of the renovation projects our team has worked on!

While a renovation can cause stress levels to increase and seem like a massive undertaking—both with additional time and money spent—JJ’s Plumbing ensures that your reno experience will be positive and worth it. We aim to work with you so that you are well informed and never caught off-guard.

We understand that regardless of your situation, whether you are having to live through the renos without a functioning kitchen during this process, or you are selling your home and dealing with the stress of the real estate market—no matter what—our goal is for your journey of designing a new dream kitchen to be simple, clear, well-supported, and well-thought-out.

Renovating your kitchen or bathroom is on special for $50 off the service! Contact us today to discuss your renovation at 604-479-2232 or email and schedule an appointment with us.

Are you tired of your current bathroom? You feel like it looks dated, is anything but modern and stylish, and the word “dingy” has crossed your mind way too many times. Get inspired to renovate your bathroom this new year!

JJ’s Plumbing specializes in bathroom (and kitchen) renovations. Did you know that bathroom and kitchen renos are some of the most common household renos in the Greater Vancouver area? These rooms get a lot of use, not to mention, the bathroom is likely the first spot you start your day – this is an important detail. From updating your fixtures, bathroom, and shower, to choosing preferred paint colours and new tile, these changes would make a significant difference to how you feel when you begin and end each day.

A reno of any size can feel overwhelming and like a big undertaking. Cost, disruption of schedule, and design decisions will be factors in how, when, and to what shape your renovation will take.

JJ’s Plumbing has worked with many great clients to help them create beautiful bathrooms and kitchens, while keeping their wallets happy!

See photos of just some of the projects we’ve taken on.

Our team of experts will work with you, in order to map out each step, schedule, fees, as well as anticipate challenges that may arise so you can approach the project with a sense of excitement as opposed to being stressed.

We treat your home like we would treat our own. From start to finish, you can trust our team to take care of you like family.

Renovating your bathroom or kitchen is currently on special for $50 off the service! Get in touch to discuss your renovation at 604-479-2232 or email and schedule an appointment with us today.