The holiday season is upon us. And while there may not be enough time to completely renovate or remodel your kitchen or bathroom before having guests over for Christmas, it’s the perfect time to set a goal for tackling the project this new year.

JJ’s Plumbing has worked with many great clients to help them create beautiful bathrooms, kitchens, and more — while keeping their wallets happy! Our team of experts partners with contractors that we trust in order to ensure your renovation project is done on time, within budget, and with the least amount of hassle and stress as possible.

The kitchen is a place where guests always ‘hang out’ in, no matter how inviting you make your living room or dining room. Company likes to spend time in the kitchen, so why not make your kitchen something to be proud of and enjoy spending time in with friends and family.

Like it or not, the bathroom is space that you also spend a great deal of time in. It’s also a room that homeowners want to look clean and modern for guests to use.

Having a remodeled kitchen and/or bathroom is something you won’t regret doing. And if you’re also thinking about selling your house in the near future, a renovated bathroom and kitchen can be argued to automatically add value to your home.

Check out examples of renovation projects we have been involved with from our photo gallery:

It’s time to reach out and start planning for the kitchen or bathroom you’ve always dreamed of. Learn more at, send us an email at, or call us directly at 604-479-2232.

We’ve definitely started to notice the temperature shift this season (though, it might not quite look like this snowy photo yet)! Before it gets too cold with freezing temperatures, it’s a good idea to take action and prepare your plumbing for the winter months. When water freezes and becomes ice, it expands. This causes pressure within pipes which may lead to significant damage, and therefore, increased and unexpected cost to repair, which could have been avoided.

Here are some ways to prepare your plumbing this winter:

Hose bibs:

  • Check all hose bibs and other fixtures for leaks.
  • If you find any drips or leaks, replace fixture. You may want to purchase a freeze-proof hose bib, as they are made to keep the water well back away from the end of the spigot.
  • Drain your outdoor faucets if you have a hose bib that is not freeze-proof (not necessary if you have a freeze-proof hose bib).
  • Purchase a hose bib cover – even if you have a freeze-proof hose bib. They are made of thick foam and keep most of the cold away from the valve.

Check out more tips on keeping your drains clear, as well as the signs to look for in regards to frozen pipes:

Do you have any further questions? Find out more at, or send us an email at You can also call 604-479-2232.

This month on the blog, we’ve decided to share with our readers more “about us!” Part of the process in finding the right plumbing company to take care of your plumbing needs should be knowing more about the business: the awards, reviews and testimonials they’ve received, and who the people are that make up the organization.

Learn more about how to choose the best plumbing company for the job.

JJ’s Plumbing is a family owned and operated local plumbing company situated in Maple Ridge, British Columbia. Justin Johnson is the proud owner. One of JJ’s Plumbing’s priorities is to be known as your “go-to and most reputable plumbing company” in Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows, and the Tri-Cities. Our customers can take comfort in knowing that they’ve selected a professional team who are serious about providing expert knowledge — not only that, but we enjoy the work we do! We are committed to completing the job on time, correctly, and on budget and stand behind the quality of our work. Our work ethic and honest, efficient service has contributed to being recognized as a top plumbing company in the Vancouver area and we work hard to uphold that honour.

JJ’s Plumbing has received numerous recognition and awards over the years. Such as:

  • Finalist, 2009 “Entrepreneur of the year” awards (customer service)
  • Winner, 2010 “Best of” awards (plumbing category)
  • Finalist, 2011 “Entrepreneur of the year” awards (construction category)
  • Finalist, 2013 “Entrepreneur of the Year” awards (construction category).

JJ’s Plumbing believes in being transparent with our customers and the public/future clients. Our website provides online visitors with a testimonials page to showcase the feedback we’ve received from past clientele.

We encourage our customers to write reviews on channels such as Facebook, Google, HomeStars and Yelp.

We hope this article has provided you with more information about JJ’s Plumbing so that you feel confident to select us as your go-to plumbing company.

Learn more about us on, and get in touch by emailing or calling 604-479-2232.

Polybutylene piping, otherwise known as “Poly B”, is becoming an issue for homeowners in the lower mainland, and really, across North America. It was installed in homes throughout the late 1970s to mid-90s, and is now causing some headaches for home owners, as unexpected issues are surfacing.

If your home has Poly B pipes, do you know what the danger is? The danger is simply that your pipes are most likely at some point going to fail, and you could be facing an emergency plumbing situation. It’s best to replace your Poly B pipes over simply repairing them.

What are the repercussions of keeping Poly B in your home?

  • Leaks
  • Hairline cracks
  • Poor installment by plumbers: loose fittings
  • Water quality: irregular water pressures & chemical sensitivities (chlorine and mineral levels)
  • Mold issues
  • In-home flooding
  • Age of the pipe and fittings: degeneration of pipe fittings.

So do not let Poly B failures cost you thousands of dollars in property damage, or worse, destroy your items with sentimental value that can not be replaced. Be proactive and save yourself the headache!

Currently, Poly B replacement is on special for $100 off the service with JJ’s Plumbing. Learn more on our coupons page.

Reach out to us about your Poly B replacement, by emailing or call 604-479-2232.

Here’s the situation: you’re looking for a local plumbing company, and decide to do some research on how much things are going to cost. For example, let’s say you want to renovate your bathroom, so you aim to find a reliable plumbing company that partners with a reputable contractor. You decide to do some research online to see what companies are out there. You notice that the price varies from place to place. So how do you choose who to go with? Do you go with the least expensive option? Or do you assume the most expensive one, means the best company for the job?

Let us help you figure this out!

Best price, should not be the ultimate deciding factor for you. But, neither should the most expensive — don’t assume that because a company charges the most, you’ll get the best service either!

Below are 5 steps to take, in order to make a solid decision on what plumbing company to hire:

  1. Don’t decide on the first plumber you call, even if the company sounds great. It is always good to speak to different companies to compare and make an informed decision.
  2. Take a look at the plumbing company’s online reviews. While every person has a different opinion, reviews are a good way to get the ‘proof-points’ you need to decide if the company has a good reputation — or not.
  3. Ask if they have references, and/or if they have any visual examples of work they have complete.
  4. Find out how long they have been in business, and if their work is guaranteed.
  5. Ask your friends or family if they have had experience with a reliable plumber — word of mouth from people you trust is a great way to find a reliable contact.

Check out what services are currently on special with JJ’s Plumbing by visiting
our website. Or get in touch by calling 604-479-2232 or email

Are you tired of your current bathroom? You feel like it looks dated, is anything but modern and stylish, and the word “dingy” has crossed your mind way too many times. Get inspired to renovate your bathroom this new year!

JJ’s Plumbing specializes in bathroom (and kitchen) renovations. Did you know that bathroom and kitchen renos are some of the most common household renos in the Greater Vancouver area? These rooms get a lot of use, not to mention, the bathroom is likely the first spot you start your day – this is an important detail. From updating your fixtures, bathroom, and shower, to choosing preferred paint colours and new tile, these changes would make a significant difference to how you feel when you begin and end each day.

A reno of any size can feel overwhelming and like a big undertaking. Cost, disruption of schedule, and design decisions will be factors in how, when, and to what shape your renovation will take.

JJ’s Plumbing has worked with many great clients to help them create beautiful bathrooms and kitchens, while keeping their wallets happy!

See photos of just some of the projects we’ve taken on.

Our team of experts will work with you, in order to map out each step, schedule, fees, as well as anticipate challenges that may arise so you can approach the project with a sense of excitement as opposed to being stressed.

We treat your home like we would treat our own. From start to finish, you can trust our team to take care of you like family.

Renovating your bathroom or kitchen is currently on special for $50 off the service! Get in touch to discuss your renovation at 604-479-2232 or email and schedule an appointment with us today.

As the colder months of the season are upon us, it’s good to take action with some do-it-yourself techniques to winterize your plumbing system. Winterizing your plumbing is a nearly cost-free alternative to frozen pipes. Further to that, we’d like to share with you the signs of frozen pipes and what to look for.

First, here are some steps on winterizing your plumbing:

Hose bibs:

  • Check all hose bibs and other fixtures for leaks.
  • If you find any drips or leaks, replace fixture. You may want to purchase a freeze-proof hose bib, as they are made to keep the water well back away from the end of the spigot.
  • Drain your outdoor faucets if you have a hose bib that is not freeze-proof (not necessary if you have a freeze-proof hose bib).
  • Purchase a hose bib cover – even if you have a freeze-proof hose bib. They are made of thick foam and keep most of the cold away from the valve.

Indoor Drains:

If you notice that an indoor drain is clogged, first check that the tub’s pop-up stopper is opening fully and is free of hair and debris. If the stopper isn’t the problem, then the drainpipe is likely clogged. First, try a plunger.

If this does not work, then you’ll need to clear the trap with a snake.

If you are confident in taking care of this on your own and have done so before, then great — but if you try it, and it still isn’t cleared, or if you aren’t comfortable snaking a drain, then this is what we’re here for! Give us a call, and we’ll come give you a hand to get your drain unclogged.

Here are some do-it-yourself tips for keeping your drains unclogged this winter:

  • The holiday season means lots of cooking, but be sure not to put the following items down your drain/garburator as they can clog your drain: coffee grounds, grease, fats & oils, hair, egg shells, and fibrous foods (celery, corn husks, potato peels).
  • The easy, preventative method: baking soda, vinegar and boiling water down your drains. Learn more!
  • Use tea strainers! Fit all of your tubs and shower drains with strainers to catch the hair (and other substances you don’t want going down your drain).

Lastly, here are some signs to look for with frozen pipes:

  • When the temperature is 0 degree Celsius or lower – this is when pipes can freeze and you should be taking the necessary precautions, as listed above.
  • Lack of running water – you notice that there is limited to no water running from your faucet.
  • You notice some frost on pipes that are visible.
  • Smelly! You notice that something smells bad coming from your faucet. This could mean a frozen pipe, because the only way the odor can escape is back up through your drain/faucet.

Drain cleaning is currently on special for $30 off the service! Give us a call at 604-479-2232 or email and schedule and appointment today.

Polybutylene, otherwise known as ‘Poly­B’, is most common in homes from the late 70s to mid 90s and was used because it was inexpensive to buy and install. As time goes on, Poly-B deteriorates and can leak and cause flooding in the home if not replaced.

Learn more about Poly-B Replacement on our website.

The risks associated with Poly­B waterlines are flooding, increased insurance premiums, cancelled insurance coverage and costly deductibles, as well as mold infestations caused by undetected pinhole leaks within waterlines covered by drywall.

The more we talk to our customers, we learn that there are common mistakes or misconceptions about Poly-B. So, we’ve compiled this list to set the record straight.

  1. Replacing Poly-B is super expensive and hard to afford.

This is a common myth people have about Poly-B replacement. Replacing Poly-B is actually quite affordable, and definitely costs less than if you have a flood in your home to worry about! We know that it’s unfortunate to have to replace your pipes, but JJ’s Plumbing Experts will come up with an affordable solution for you: whether it’s replacing your pipes altogether, or repairing your existing pipes to prolong the lifespan of your Poly-B pipes until you can afford to replace them. Bottom line: there are affordable options and we can come up with one that works for you.

  1. Poly-B problems/leaks happen because of poor installation.

While it’s true that you want a good pipe installer (like us!), it isn’t typically the case that it’s the installation of Poly-B pipes that causes the leaks. Installation quality could contribute to leaks, but in most cases installation does not appear to be the primary cause. The most common reasons leaks occur are: the age of the pipes, water quality/chlorine levels and degeneration of piping.

  1. The Poly-B pipes in my home have lasted for nearly a decade, so they are just fine.

Thinking this way is just waiting for disaster to occur. Most of the time, it takes many years for Poly-B piping systems to leak or fail. Many leaks start to happen in 10-15 years from installation of the piping system, so if you’ve had them installed for a decade or longer, it’s time to start thinking about a replacement.


Do you have Poly-B piping and would like to know if you should have a replacement soon? Call us at 604-479-2232 or email and we’ll help you find out.


JJ’s Plumbing realizes that finding a reliable, knowledgeable, and cost efficient plumber can be hard to come by, especially being a property manager and wanting to go through the same plumbing company for your needs. JJ’s Plumbing offers reduced rates to property management companies to help successfully maintain your properties. Not only that, but we back all of our work with a one-year warranty on all workmanship.

Our team can assist with the plumbing, drain cleaning and Poly B replacement needs of one rental property or multiple properties anywhere in Metro Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

Here are four main reasons (in no particular order, because they’re all important!) why you should choose JJ’s Plumbing as your go-to plumber:

  1. CERTIFIED We only have certified field technicians that keep up with the latest trends and project management techniques with ongoing training. You can trust that we have the expert knowledge you require.
  2. COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE — We are committed to producing results that can be depended on. We strive for excellence and are committed to making property managers’ jobs (and therefore, lives) easier.
  3. UP TO DATE WITH TECHNOLOGY — JJ’s Plumbing is current with the most recent plumbing technologies. We provide efficient services at a great price.
  4. GREEN INITIATIVES — We provide paperless billing, water conservation tips, and we ensure that all waste from projects get recycled.

As a property manager, you have enough work on your plate, and many unforeseen issues that pop up on a day-to-day basis. Working with JJ’s Plumbing as your go-to plumber, you’ll have the peace of mind you need to trust that problems will be tended to in an urgent and professional manner. We won’t let you down and we strive to be counted on by you.

We look forward to connecting with you. Call us now at 604-479-2232, email or fill out our online form and we’ll prove to be your go-to plumber.

Are you embarrassed of your rundown bathroom and/or kitchen? As the holiday season is fast approaching, it’s a time when family and friends come over to celebrate. BUT let’s face it… who wants to be ‘hostess with the mostest’ when you’re not too happy with the look of your kitchen or bathroom – spaces that your company definitely spends time in.

Are you in need of a new bathroom tub, toilet, or vanity? Or perhaps your kitchen sink and faucet isn’t looking too sexy these days. This is why you need to call us — JJ’s Plumbing is here to help.

A renovation of any size can feel overwhelming and like a big undertaking. Cost, disruption of schedule, and design decisions will be factors in how, when, and to what shape your renovation will take. We’re dedicated to helping you and ensuring that your reno is as stress-free and painless as possible.

Yes, JJ’s Plumbing is the heating and drainage experts, but we also set you up with well-known and recommended general contractors to work together on your project. We encourage our customers to demand: reliability, honesty, accredited experience, and daily communication from a contractor. We believe these characteristics are fundamental to achieving a stress-free renovation process and finished product that you can be proud of.

So… what are you waiting for? Christmas and New Year’s is just around the corner!

Give us a call at 604-479-2232 or email and we’ll help you with your reno project every step of the way.