Eventually the day that everyone dreads comes: it’s time to install a new water heater. You might need to replace yours for a few reasons. Maybe it’s old, leaky, inefficient, or a hazard. Maybe you’ve become more energy conscious, or are tired of having cold showers. But with tankless and traditional models available, how do you decide which is best? We’ve broken down the benefits and savings for different types to help make your decision easier.

What are Hot Water on Demand Systems?

Tankless systems provide hot water on demand, which means no more toilet flushes interrupting your shower, or running out of hot water during the morning rush or when guests are over.

When you turn on your shower, washing machine, or kitchen faucet, water starts to flow inside the pump. A sensor within the tankless system detects the flow and gets to work. The incoming water passes through a series of burners, quickly heating on its way to you. Once the tap is turned off, the system shuts down again. No water is stored inside the system, unless a buffer is installed to reduce wait times.

Savings to Expect   

Although they cost more initially, there are rebates available in some provinces that can help offset the price of a tankless system. Additionally, the energy savings offsets the higher cost. With a tankless system, there’s no hot water sitting in the tank waiting to be used, which means over 50% in energy savings passed on to you. This can mean a considerably lower bill!

Hot Water System Comparison

As with any system, there are a few pros and cons when tankless models are compared to traditional hot water tanks. Tankless systems are not the most efficient in cold weather, where incoming water is very cold. They can also take a few minutes to heat up. It’s hot water on demand, but not instantly!

But tankless systems also take up less space, since they’re about the size of a suitcase instead of a large tank in your basement. They last longer, and also provide cleaner water. Have you ever looked at the inside of a hot water tank? Enough said.

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We know that being a homeowner can be expensive. Repairs, heating, and general maintenance can take up time and patience, and even cause stress and strains in our relationships. Often we know what needs to be done around the house to make it more energy efficient and cost less in the long run, but taking that leap is just a little out of our reach.

Fortunately, Fortis BC aims to make household improvements a little more attainable with a series of rebates. Here’s a breakdown of three of the ways Fortis BC can help you improve your home’s energy consumption and reduce your monthly bill when you purchase and install ENERGY STAR® products.

$800 Furnace Rebate: When you replace your old furnace with a new ENERGY STAR® model, you’ll receive an $800 credit. You have to pre-qualify though, and this program is closing soon, so only those with a pre-qualification code can get the rebate. Learn more about the Furnace Rebate.

$500 Water Heater Rebate: As Fortis BC says, heating water uses up to 35% of your home’s energy use, and by installing a more efficient water heater, you can eliminate wasted energy and money. When you switch to an energy efficient hot water heater, you can qualify for a $500 rebate. Fortis BC breaks down the different types of tanks (and tankless systems) you can get. If you go with the Tankless Hot Water Heater, we will give you $500 Off too!

$1000 Natural Gas Rebate: Dubbed the “Switch ‘n’ Shrink” program, Fortis BC offers a $1000 rebate when you switch from an oil or propane heating system to an ENERGY STAR® natural gas heating system. Not only will you save money, you’ll be using one of the cleanest fuels and shrinking your impact on the environment, too.

These are just some of the ways you can earn money and save in the long run by switching to ENERGY STAR® products. To learn about more Fortis BC rebates for around your home, visit their website or give us a call, Your Vancouver Plumbing Contractor; and we can answer any questions you may have.

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