Spring has definitely sprung! While it’s a good time for spring cleaning of your home—like going through old clothes, de-cluttering and cleaning things around the house like windows and baseboards—part of this process can be taking on plumbing tasks!

See our four plumbing tips that can save you money this spring-time.

  1. Find water leaks. Make sure your faucets aren’t leaking. If you find one that is, hire a trusted plumbing company to fix it. While it may seem easy to repair yourself, there are a number of different faucet types out there, so you could end up doing more damage than what you started with. Finding a leak early will save you money by fixing the problem while it’s still a small one, and also will eliminate any wasted water.
  2. Check that your inside drains are draining properly. This is a good time to do a proper cleaning of your drains. Check out our YouTube tutorial on do-it-yourself drain cleaning. This preventative maintenance can save you money in the long-run by avoiding drainage problems in the future.
  3. Check out your outdoor drains, gutters and downspouts. The fall and winter months can lead to debris that can clog your outside drainage system. Clean out your gutters and downspouts. Drainage is a very important aspect of owning your home, and doing proper maintenance and repairs can save you costly plumbing bills in the future. It is important to properly maintain your drain tiles by cleaning them out every 12-18 months, to avoid such problems as blockages from debris, or worse structural damage due to root growth or land settling. Learn more.
  4. Look at outdoor spigots or faucets for leaks. Check out your outdoor spigots and/or faucets, and make sure the water flows properly and that there is not a slow leak when turned off. Call your local plumber if you notice any leaks. This could lead to damage of your property, and also is bad for the environment with unnecessary water waste.


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Have You Updated To More Efficient Plumbing Fixtures Yet?

There is very little downside when it comes to having high efficiency plumbing fixtures installed in your home. These fixtures not only save you money on your water bill after a short period of time, they also have proven to be extremely effective when it comes to saving water in the community. Low flow fixtures are certainly not a new product to arrive on the market, but recent improvements to the technology has resulted in the development of Ultra Low Flow fixtures, which provide the same performance as a regular fixture while at the same time conserving even more water than their predecessors. If you are in the market for a new toilet, shower or faucet fixtures, be sure to check out some high efficiency products.

Low Flow Toilets

For the average Canadian, a toilet makes up about 1/3rd of our daily water usage. With that in mind, changing your toilet to a high efficiency model is a good way to start lowering your water consumption. If your toilet is over 20 years old, you will definitely want to replace it, as a toilet from before 1994 is extremely inefficient and wasteful. The best option to replace you toilet is what’s called a dual flush toilet. This type of toilet is by far the most efficient as it gives you the option to flush a smaller amount of water for liquid waste, as opposed to the full tank each time.

Ultra Low Flow Showerheads

An ultra-low flow showerhead from today saves up to 18 times more water than an older model without compromising water pressure. Most ultra-low flow showerheads use only about 8 litres of water per minute, as opposed to other showerheads on the market today such as the “rain showerheads” that use up to 40 litres of water per minute. In addition to saving you money on water, the more efficient showerhead will reduce the amount of hot water you end up using, which in turn saves money on your electric bill.

High Efficiency Faucets

The high efficiency faucets of today can reduce the amount of water used in your house by up to 70 percent. Before you run out and buy a whole new set of fixtures, you may want to consider simply adding an aerator on to your faucet. For a fraction of the cost of new fixtures, an easy to install aerator can also reduce your water consumption significantly. Many municipalities also offer rebates for installing aerators in your home.

Water is a precious commodity that we often take for granted in this part of the world. Saving water in your home today will not only help you reduce your water and electrical bill, but will also go a long way towards preserving clean water for future generations around the world. To learn more about these high efficiency plumbing fixtures, visit us online, or check us out on Facebook and Twitter.

Picture Quotes are the newest time and hassle saver for our customers!

Have you ever tried explaining a drainage problem or plumbing issue over the phone?

Is it safe to say you were even more irritated and frustrated when you hung up than when you started?

Did you hang up with any idea how what it would cost to get the problem solved?

At JJ’s Plumbing, we know precisely how maddening that process can be… or used to be and we’ve built our business on making it as easy as possible for Vancouver home and business owners to deal with plumbing issues.

That’s why we’ve created a brand new way to get your issues fixed FAST.

With our new Picture Quoting service, all you have to do is snap a pic of what’s going on, send it to us, and we’ll put together an estimate ASAP.

We’re bringing plumbing into the 21st century… and we’re taking Vancouver along for the ride.

It’s all part of our commitment to offering the highest quality service in Vancouver. It really can be as simple as…

1. Snap a picture.

2. Send it to the experts at JJ’s Plumbing.

3. Get an estimate, right over the phone.

Once we’ve seen for ourselves what you’re dealing with, we’ll give you a cost estimate and set up the most convenient time for one of our trusted plumbing professionals to come out to your home or office and take a closer look.

Keep in mind, the number we give you over the phone is an estimate. We need to see the problem in person before we can give you a quote, but you can rest assured it’ll be the most competitive price in Vancouver.

At JJ’s Plumbing, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality maintenance and customer service in Vancouver. We want to make it easy to deal with your heating, plumbing, furnace repair, and polyb repairs.

As easy as 1, 2, 3.

That’s our guarantee.

How can you start being more Eco Friendly, today?

Since Earth Day was yesterday we decided to create this infographic for everyone to learn 9 Ways That You Can Be Greener Today! At JJ’s Custom Plumbing we always encourage our clients to install energy efficient plumbing products. From Low Flush Toilets to Energy Star Appliances, there are many options to save water and energy and to become over-all more eco friendly. In todays world Every little bit counts. If you are looking for ideas on Environmentally Friendly Vancouver Plumbing Alternatives be sure to give us a call. We will be sure to point you in the right direction. Visit our Contact page or call us direct at 778-285-0606 9 ways to be more eco friendly

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As the temperatures outside dip below freezing, our gas and hydro bills heat up. We use lights and appliances for longer hours thanks to dark weather, causing our heating costs to soar as soon as frost appears on our windows. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can beat your bills this holiday season! Here are our top tips on how to save.

  • Switch your light bulbs: Replace your current light bulbs for fluorescent (CFL) or LED light bulbs. They’re 75% more efficient than traditional light bulbs, which can translate to savings on your monthly bill. Don’t forget to turn them off when you don’t need them, too!
  • Purchase high efficiency appliances: When it’s time to replace your aging appliances, look for Energy Star alternatives. They’re more efficient than older models, and use up to 40% less energy. This can translate to a difference of 92% on your gas bill!
  • Draft-proof your home: One of the easiest and cost-efficient ways to save on energy costs is by draft-proofing your home to eliminate small cracks around windows and doors. Use caulking or weatherstripping to repair and seal spaces in interior joints, around pipes and vents, and windows.
  • Keep it cool: We all like to be cozy at home, but with rising heating costs, it pays to keep the thermostat a few degrees cooler. At night and while you’re out of the home, set your thermostat to 16C. At home, aim for 20C. Blankets and light sweaters are a comfy part of winter wear inside.

Whether you can make every change, or just a few, being conscious of your household’s energy consumption will make a direct impact on the size of your winter gas bill. Turn off lights, unplug appliances, look for energy-efficient alternatives, and you’ll be set!

If you need help deciding on which appliances are best for your home and usage, or need help with installation, give us a call to speak to a technician today.

Superior hot water technology delivers greater efficiency and reliability, so everyone benefits – with environmental preservation and energy conservation that results in a better planet for us all. So what does make a Tankless Hot Water Heater “Green”? Find out Below:

Reduced Energy and Operating Costs

Tankless water heaters reduce energy consumption by up to 40% by heating water only on demand and avoiding standby loss.

Water Conservation

The compact design of a tankless water allows flexibility with installation so it can be located closer to fixtures and appliances, saving on water consumption because the “wait” time for hot water is reduced.

Cleaner Air and a Healthier Home

Tankless water heaters produce very low NOx (less than 40 PPM) and CO2 emissions, contributing to cleaner air and a healthier home and making it an environmentally sound gas appliance.

Protecting Natural Resources

With up to a 20-year service life, Tankless water heaters last 2-3 times longer and are significantly smaller in size than traditional tank water heaters, thus reducing the amount of material that ends up in landfills.

The primary components of tankless water heaters – including the copper heat exchanger and stainless steel burners – are recyclable.

Endless Hot Water

Never take another cold shower again!  tankless water heaters heat water on demand, so you’re never limited to a fixed pre-heated supply as with a tank.  You’ll enjoy hot water when you want it, for as long as you need it.  Take a shower, wash dishes and do laundry all at the same time!

Energy Costs

With tankless water heaters, you’ll enjoy up to 40% energy savings.  That’s because our units are designed to be highly efficient and only heat water when it’s needed.  When the demand for water ceases, the unit shuts down and uses no energy, a revolutionary advantage over inefficient tank-style heaters.

Clean, Fresh Water

When using a traditional tank-style water heater, rust and scale build-up can collect in the interior of the tank, where the hot water you use day-to-day for bathing and drinking is stored.  With tankless water heaters there is no tank to store water, so you’ll always experience fresh, clean hot water because these units heats water on demand as it passes through the unit.

Space Savings and Flexible Installation Options

Reclaim precious space in your home.  Traditional tank water heaters can take up to 16 square feet of valuable floor space.  However, tankless units are about the size of a carry-on suitcase- can be installed on virtually any wall inside or outside of your home.

Peace of Mind

With tankless water heaters, there’s no tank to leak or break, thus reducing the risk of flooding.  Plus, they offer a line of digital controllers that make it easy to set water temperatures precisely to ensure comfort and prevent scalding accidents.

Should You Switch To A Tankless Hot Water Heater?

Tankless Hot Water Heaters, or hot water on demand, are gaining popularity in Vancouver thanks to their compact size and energy efficient systems.

But is hot water on demand right for your home? Here’s what the newer systems have to offer:

  • Unlimited hot water: Tankless systems provide hot water on demand, which means no more toilet flushes interrupting your shower, or running out of hot water during the morning rush or when guests are over.
  • Cost and energy efficient: With a tankless system, there’s no hot water sitting in the tank waiting to be used, which means over 50% in energy savings are passed on to you.
  • Space-saving units: Tankless systems are smaller and less bulky than their traditional counterparts.

In a nutshell, going tankless can save energy and cash, while keeping your home’s hot water flowing without interruption.

Save More with Rebates

To make the transition to a tankless system easier, FortisBC offers a rebate of up to $500 when you replace your aging water heater with a qualifying natural gas ENERGY STAR model

According to Fortis, “ENERGY STAR tankless models have an EF between 0.82 and 0.99, making them much more efficient than standard natural gas storage tanks typically found in homes today. They also take up much less space, freeing up valuable square footage.”

We can help you decide if a tankless system is right for your home. Contact us to speak with a technician today!

At JJ’s Custom Plumbing we are all about Water Conservation, we are following up our Water Conservation Tips Blog with this Handy Water Usage Infographic.

How much water are you using every day? Give us a call if you would like to learn more about how Water Conservation Installs can save you time, money and at the same time help out Mother Nature.

How Much Water Are You Using?

Whether you’re looking to upgrade an existing plumbing system, or install a brand new one, there are a number of ways you can save time and energy around your home. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite products that will help reduce your bills and your morning rush.


Faucets are continually becoming more inventive and efficient, with stunning designs to match. A well-crafted faucet can be the perfect finishing touch in a kitchen or bathroom, and can also save you money and time.

The ultimate in convenience, the Moen Motion Sensor Faucet intuitively follows your lead, resulting in hands-free control. Two sensors set water in motion, deliver water where and when you need it.

A truly innovative design, the Touch Faucet responds to taps to start and stop the flow of water. No more struggling with heavy items, or unsanitary faucets.

Low Flow Toilets

Conventional toilets can use large amounts of water per flush, wreaking havoc on the environment and energy costs. Low flow toilets provide environmentally friendly alternatives.

Toto is a leading manufacturer of low flow toilets. Their products lead the pack with environmentally conscious innovative design, providing a large range of toilets to suit any needs.

Energy Saving Showerheads

Much like toilets, showers can be a source of unnecessarily high water consumptions. By switching to an energy-saving showerhead, you can reduce the amount of water used without compromising on flow or comfort.

Hans Grohe manufactures stunning energy saving showerheads, from Raindance models to compact overhead and hand showers.

Much like their faucets, Moen has a large line of energy efficient showerheads that are expertly designed to use up to 30% less water.

Hot Water On Demand 

Tankless systems, or hot water on demand, use less space and less energy than traditional hot water tanks.

We’re happy to help you save time and money in your own home. Call or email us today to speak to a representative about your best options for energy efficient plumbing installs.

3 best furnacesAs home repair experts, we’re often asked what products we recommend, especially in areas where there are so many seemingly good choices. We’re always more than happy to give recommendations on brands that go the extra mile. 

When you’re looking to replace your old furnace, or install a new one, there are a few things to keep in mind. You should look for a unit that is energy efficient, quiet, easy to operate and repair, and reliable with consistent heating. Following these recommendations means you and your family can stay warm throughout winter and not spend time on costly and unnecessary repairs.

There are a few brands that stand out when it comes to quality and customer service that take all these factors into account.

1. Carrier https://www.carrier.ca/en/furnaces/40

2. Payne (Made By Carrier) https://www.payne.com/en/us/products/gas-furnaces/

3. Rheem https://www.rheem.com/products/heating_and_cooling/gas_furnaces/

We love these furnaces because they have the best hands down warranties, and recommend them to all our clients. We’d be happy to help you decide which unit would be best for your home.

Need a Furnace check out our Coupon Page for Deals, for example right now Get a Free UV Light when you buy a new Furnace! Give us a call to speak to a qualified Vancouver Heating Expert.