What is the importance of Perimeter Drainage?

The purpose of perimeter drainage is to protect the integrity of your foundation by moving water away from your home. It is also referred to as a French drain system, weeping tile, or drain tile. Since the ground in Vancouver is generally damp, your perimeter drainage system is crucial in keeping your foundation and walls dry. It directs the water away from your home, alleviating the pressure that a buildup of water can exert on your retaining walls.


Water Damage

When water finds its way into your basement, it can create a lot of problems, including:

.   Structural problems with the walls and floor

.   Damage to any possessions you store in the basement

.   Erosion to the lawn

.   Mold and mildew growth

.   Excessive humidity

.   Dampness in your home


As time passes, each of these problems can become expensive to fix as they get worse. However, if you obtain regular maintenance on your drainage system, you can hire a professional plumber to take care of any problems with your drain tiles while they are still small and affordable.


Perimeter Drainage Services in Vancouver and Coquitlam

In many cases, homeowners do not notice a problem with their perimeter drainage system until a lot of damage has occurred. By that time, the trouble that you are experiencing (minor flooding, cracked walls, mold, and mildew) is just the tip of the iceberg, and you should expect a lot more problems to follow. Not only do you need to find the source of the trouble, but you must also resolve the issue with repairs and replacements.

A professional plumber handles the task of maintaining drain tiles, using each of the following strategies when required:

.   Cleaning of perimeter drains

.   Clearing of clogged sewer pipes

.   Clearing of tree roots

.   Replacement of weeping tiles

.   Replacement of trenchless pipes

.   Sewer connection repairs


Troubleshooting Problems with Drain Tiles

If water is leaking into your basement, it is possible that your drain tiles have become clogged or dislodged. Our plumbing specialist will inspect your system in an attempt to figure out what is wrong, using the following strategies:

.   Deployment of a sewer camera to search for blockages

.   Clearing of tree roots, dirt, stones, mud, and other blockages using a power snake

.   Flushing of the drain using a hose and a powerful flow of water

.   Replacement of damaged tiles

.   Realignment of dislodged tiles

.   Digging up the old system and replacing it with a new one


If the damage has spread to your home’s foundation or walls, you’ll need to hire someone to repair them. New drain tile installation is also available for new properties and additions, ensuring that water is properly diverted away from these structures.


Please contact us if you would like maintenance, repairs, or replacements for your French drain system. An estimate of the total cost can be provided along with an approximation of the time needed to complete this plumbing task. We are the experts in installation of perimeter drainage in the Coquitlam and Vancouver areas. Our servicemen work quickly and responsibly, completing the work successfully, allowing you to get back to daily tasks without further interruption in your schedule.


Part of any building’s protection against water damage, the drainage system is designed to move surface and ground water away from your home’s foundation in order to keep it dry. If your drain tiles become dirty, clogged, or broken, they aren’t going to be able to redirect the water so that your retaining walls and foundation stay dry. The wetter the ground around the perimeter of your home becomes, the damper your basement is going to feel. You might even find water in your crawl spaces and basement as the foundation cracks under the pressure of the water that is surrounding it.


How Do Drain Tiles Become Damaged?

A number of factors can damage your drainage system, and it’s hard to know what the cause is until a plumber comes out to complete an inspection. Tree and plant roots are at the top of the list. Sometimes, all they need is a small crack or hole to enter your drains, eventually filling them up with fresh root growth. Old age can make your drain tiles weak and lead to deterioration, particularly if they are made from concrete or clay. Dirt and sand can fill in your drains, limiting their ability to channel the water properly.

Failure to clean your gutters annually can lead to problems with your drainage system. While most people associate clogged gutters with roof leakage, they can also lead to problems with your drain tiles. Since water flows in the path of least resistance, the overflow of water is going to become channeled to unclogged gutters, creating a massive amount of pressure on the drain tiles located in that area of the building. As your drains struggle to redirect the water, the system becomes backed up, weakening your tiles and causing erosion beneath the footings of your home’s structure.


Are Your Drains Moving Slowly?

A partial clog is one of the most common causes of slow drainage. While you might think that this problem is simply annoying, it is possible that it is damaging your plumbing as well as increasing the risk of leaks. When you have a plumber come out to your Vancouver home to perform cleaning maintenance on your drain tiles, he can conduct an inspection to determine whether or not any issues exist. Fixing small problems now can help to prevent costly repairs later.


The Importance of Maintaining Your Drainage System

Did you know that you should have the drain tiles located around your Vancouver home cleaned at least once every four or five years? Doing so helps to prevent leaks and damage to the foundation of your home, preserving the structural integrity of your home. Regularly scheduling drain cleaning assists in prolonging the lifetime of your drainage system as well as that of your home. Although it is recommended that you have your drains cleaned a minimum of once every four or five years, doing so on an annual basis offers the highest level of protection for your home.


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How often do you clean the drainage system for your home? As one of the most important systems in a house, they need to be cleaned every 2-3 years. Unfortunately, most people are unaware of the maintenance needed to ensure pipes stay in the best shape.

Drainage pipes provide a few important functions. The most important is to protect your home’s foundation from water damage. In any area, ground water can rise and put hydrostatic water pressure on foundation, causing vulnerable and damaging cracks that saturate through and flood your basement. A proper drain system will prevent seepage that can cause this water damage to your home and its foundation.

Drain pipes are vulnerable to blockages and damage over time that can lead to damage to your home. Roots, mud, and other debris can cause drain blockages, and need to be cleared before becoming a problem. Proper maintenance of a drain pipe will help prevent this.

If damage to a drain pipe is detected, the pipe will need to be professionally cleared and flushed out with a powerful hose to ensure the line is functional. A sewer cam and other top of the line equipment can make clearing the clog or blockage quick and efficient. JJ’s uses the latest tools of the trade and certified technicians to ensure minimal down time and little damage to your property.

But what do you if you notice the tell tale signs of a wet basement or a leaking pipe?

When you notice a leak or flood, try to determine the source right away. It’s important to determine if it’s a one-time leak or a symptom of a bigger problem.
Check for clogs in your drainage or gutter system.

If you don’t maintain your drain lines with routine flushing, you may have to wind up replacing them and the damage done to your foundation. Cracked foundation can cost over $10,000 to fix – a lot more than simple maintenance every few years.

Don’t let a soggy basement be the first sign of a problem. Call our Vancouver Drain Cleaning technicians to perform maintenance on your drainage system.

Are your outdoor drain pipes clogged and ready to overflow? Here is a video we created for you to clean your drains the natural way. We’ve posted this in the past but we thought it would be important to post again. Look out for more videos in the future