How Can You Beat Allergies With A UV Furnace?

UV Furnace Plumbing Vancouver

Did you know that mold and bacteria in our homes makes allergies worse and exposes you and your family to harmful diseases? When springtime allergies or wintertime cold and flu outbreaks start, we often blame circumstances outside our home for our itchy, watery eyes, or shaking chills and fever. But indoor air can be just as full of allergens, bacteria, and pollution as the great outdoors.

Mold, dust, and other irritants can hang out in carpets, furniture, clothes, and can even get stirred up when we try to clean by dusting and vacuuming. Even our air filters can be a breeding ground for fungi and bacteria!

One of the best ways to combat indoor air irritants is with an air filter, and there are quite a few options available to suit any need. One of the newest, and arguably best, options is a UV light installed directly into the heating and cooling system in your home or workplace.

Used by hospitals and government buildings, UV lights kill mold, germs, viruses, bacteria, and eliminate other allergens and irritants without using any chemicals. Easy to install, low cost, efficient, and quiet, the UV light plugs directly into a wall outlet and begins working immediately. They’ve even been proven to kill Influenza and Strep strains, leaving your home safe from dangerous, infectious illnesses.

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