One might think that plumbing issues are a nuisance mostly encountered in the colder months, with water freezing in pipes, but that is not entirely the case. Summers can also have plumbing issues that we can help you mitigate by listing down a few of the more frequently occurring summer plumbing dilemmas and how you can avoid them to have an easy breezy, relaxing season.

Basement Floods 

If you have a basement or a cellar, you probably own a sump pump as well. Many of us forget that along with the bright sunny days, summer brings with it heavy unexpected rainfalls that can cause your basement to flood. If you find yourself in the midst of such a muddle, do not hesitate in seeking out plumbing services from a nearby enterprise. However, one way you can avoid such torrents of rain from flooding your basement altogether is to ensure your basement pumps are in good working condition and clear of any buildup after the winter.

Water Sprinkler Damage 

In the scorching heat of the summers, water sprinklers are essential for keeping that green lawn grass luscious and thriving. However, after repeated usage, these sprinklers are subject to wear and tear. So before the summer vacations kick in, inspect the heads of the water sprinkler for any signs of compromise and leakages, saving you not only from excessive water wastage but also from a hefty water bill and withered grass.

Sewer Line Backup 

While the beautiful green hues of trees provide us with shade and bring coolness to our eyes, their deep roots grow quickly, putting pressure on sewer pipes, and causing them to get blocked. Apart from the trees, the notorious summer rain pulls along with it dirt that seeps into any leaks in these drainage pipes, causing the sewer line to clog and back up. To circumvent being in such a fix you can get drain cleaning services regularly and try to plant trees away from your sewerage pipes.

Garbage Disposal Issues 

Summers are not complete without family get-togethers, barbeques, and pool parties, which means lots of delicious food spreads will be set up to be devoured. If you are not watchful of what is going down into the garbage disposal unit, you will most likely be left with one that is blocked with damaged blades and a slow draining sink. You can avoid this issue by being mindful of what you throw into your sink and avoid items such as hard bones and greasy thick oils that jam the unit.

Slow Draining Showers 

Slow shower drainage is routinely encountered in summers. This drainage issue can be brought about by frequent hair falling into the drains or by sand and dirt that falls off from clothes taken off in the shower after a day at the beach. What you can do to avoid this, is to take off clothes worn at the beach outside of the shower and to regularly clear the hair that collects at the surface of the shower drains, preventing it from getting blocked and leading to sluggish water drainage in the shower.

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