June 20th rolled around and BOOM — summer arrived! After a cold, snowy winter season like no other, the heat has officially been turned on and the sun is shining. With the rising temperature however, this leads to increased water usage.

We understand the obsession with green, grassy lawns and long, cool showers to help chill out, but the excess water consumption isn’t worth it, doesn’t help our environment and can contribute to drought in our cities. And guess what? Water conservation actually saves you time and money.

So without further ado, here are 5 tips to save water—and keep your Hydro bill low—in summer 2017.

  1. Water your yard in the evening or early morning. Water evaporates the fastest when the sun is high.
  2. Take quicker showers! Try to shred two minutes off of your shower time.
  3. Use the dishwasher and run it only when it’s to capacity. Hand washing your dishes actually can waste more water than using the dishwasher (plus, it saves you time and is easier on your hands). Refrain from running the dishwasher if it isn’t completely full.
  4. Set your laundry machine to wash with only cold water.
  5. Turn down your water heater temperature while away on summer vacations to save energy.

JJ’s Plumbing wishes you a fantastic summer season. For any questions or plumbing concerns, call us anytime at 604-479-2232 or email service@jjs.plumbing.