Let’s face it – you’re a guy, and guys like to fix things on their own. JJ’s Plumbing gets that. We know that you’d prefer to try things yourself before spending money or having to call an external source for help.

This is why we’re sharing the following 3 do-it-yourself tips to help keep the drains in your home clear – what many plumbers don’t want to share with you!

  1. Do-it-yourself preventative method: baking soda, vinegar and boiling water. That’s it! Put about ¼ cup of baking soda and ¾ cup of vinegar down your drain. This forms a natural chemical reaction that will break up soap scum that has formed and traps food, hair and other substances in your pipes. Boil some water and allow about 10-15 minutes for the baking soda and vinegar to do their job. Once boiled, pour the water down the drain. This melts any grease build up, and sends it along the way. Need to see it for yourself? Watch this video.
  2. Put strainers in your drains. Use tea strainers, or any kind of strainer, to help your drains stay unclogged. Fit all of your tubs and shower drains with strainers to catch the hair (and other substances you don’t want going down your drain). Be sure to clean the strainers regularly (or ask the lady in your home very nicely to lend a helping hand).
  3. What NOT to put down your garburator, kitchen drain and toilet: coffee grounds, grease, fats & oils, hair, egg shells, and fibrous foods (celery, corn husks, potato peels) are some everyday items/foods that can clog your drain. Coffee grounds are as good as cement in pipes! And here’s a tip: Don’t put any other kind of paper other than toilet paper down the toilet. Toilet paper is specially made to break down when wet. Other kinds of paper, like paper towels and Kleenex are not! Sure, they’ll flush, but instead of disintegrating they can leave your drains clogged.

If you end up in a jam and need to get in touch, don’t hesitate. Our website has an online form, or email us at service@jjs.plumbing.