Why You Should Get a Tankless Water Heater in Maple Ridge

Now that the summer is here and water usage restrictions are in effect in Maple Ridge, it is time to start conserving water at home. There are many ways to conserve water around the house, such as avoiding the use of a sprinkler on the lawn, or installing an aerator on your faucets. While these are both great ways to conserve water in the summer months, there is an even better way to save both water and money throughout the entire year. By converting to a tankless water heater, you will be able to do just that.

Hot Water on Demand

Compared to a traditional water heater that heats up water in a tank, a tankless heater is a significant improvement in practically every way. Not only will it save you a great deal of money on your water and hydro bills in the long run, a tankless water heater is able to provide hot water on demand. This makes it a great choice for families living in the same house together, as it will eliminate any of the time spent waiting for hot water. This is mainly due to the fact that a tankless water heater is able to provide hot water up to 80 times faster than a water heater with a tank. This also means that less water and energy will end up being wasted, as a tankless heater does not have to refill or reheat at any time.

Cleaner Water

A tankless water heater is also able to provide you with cleaner water compared to the water that comes from a heater with a tank. This is because water that comes out of the tankless heater is not exposed to any additional sediment that can build up in a water tank. In fact, most people with a water heater that uses a tank have to drain their tank every few months in order to reduce the amount of sediment that builds up over time. With a tankless heater, this will never be necessary.

Convenient and Reliable

One major reason why people are switching to a tankless water heater actually has nothing to do with saving water or money. A tankless heater has become the ideal choice for smaller homes due to its size compared to a classic water heater with a tank. Most tankless heaters are roughly a third of the size of a tank heater, and can be easily mounted on the wall due to their light weight and slim profile. In addition to their ideal size, a tankless heater also has a lifespan that is twice as long as the average tank heater, and requires far less maintenance and upkeep.
During the summer, saving water is a priority among Vancouver and Maple Ridge residents, so finding the easiest and most convenient way to do so is ideal for anyone living in the area. To find out more about how tankless heaters can help you save, or if you have any questions about installing the right model for your home, contact us or check us out online. You can also find us via Twitter or Facebook to receive the latest updates.